LeBron James’ former teammate and former NBA champ Chris Bosh predicts that the Los Angeles Lakers star will face a challenge when it comes to adjusting to Anthony Davis.

If there is someone in the NBA that could best predict what James and the Los Angeles Lakers would have to deal with next season, it would be a former teammate and close friend of James such as Bosh. Bosh just joined ESPN’s “Golic & Wingo” and shared his thoughts about the league today. The former Raptors star revealed how hard it was to recruit players to sign with Toronto during his time.

“To be honest, it was really hard trying to get other players and recruit them to play,” Bosh said.

The two-time NBA champion also stated what he felt about his former team Raptors finally winning a championship. “That’s a thing that nobody thought would ever happen,” Bosh noted.

While talking about what is currently happening with his former teammate James and the LA Lakers, Bosh shared that there are certain “adjustments” needed to be done by both James and Davis in order to make things work for them next season. But between the two superstars, it is James who will be “challenged” to make the adjustments.

“I don’t see [Davis] having to make too many adjustments,” Bosh said.

“Lebron has to make adjustments as well, You know, that’s a challenge that’s on his play,” Bosh added. “Great players have to adjust to other great players.”

Although Bosh believes that James will be more challenged than Davis in terms of adjustments, he is still convinced that the James and Davis are a “tough duo.” And with the way AD is playing these days, Bosh stated that the newest Lakers superstar has the potential to be the best in the league.

Bosh even noted that a few years ago, he already knew that Davis will be a good player, and now, the All-Star has already “figured out” how to dominate the competition.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James LeBron James sees tough months ahead for Anthony Davis. LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers guards Anthony Davis #23 of the New Orleans Pelicans during a 112-104 Laker win at Staples Center on December 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Getty Images/Harry How

As for the challenges James could face, it appears that Bosh could be right about his prediction as the Lakers will reportedly move him to the point guard position. Even though the point guard position is not uncharted territory for James, he has not taken on the role of a playmaker solely in the previous seasons, so this will definitely require him to make some adjustments.

Despite the possible hiccups, the Lakers are still one of the must-see teams next season as they added another former NBA champ and Raptor, Danny Green, former Warrior DeMarcus Cousins and former Grizzly Avery Bradley.

Chris Bosh Miami Heat 2015 Miami Heat All Star power forward Chris Bosh could miss the rest of the season due to blood clots discovered on his lung. Photo: Reuters