• Dwyane Wade hails younger Grizzlies
  • Wade wishes Justise Winslow good luck
  • Heat in talks with OKC 

The Memphis Grizzlies found their match as they finally parted ways with Andre Iguodala, sending him over to Miami in a trade deal Wednesday night. It resulted in Heat executive Pat Riley heaping praises in what could be perceived as another genius front office move from him.

As Riley raised up his sleeves and buckled up to business hours before the NBA trade deadline, it appeared that the other side of the coin was overshadowed that only a few took notice of what Memphis gained after the deal. One of them was Dwyane Wade.

The retired Miami Heat great took time to recognize the Grizzlies who, as it appears, will now start thriving with youth after acquiring Justise Winslow as part of the Iguodala deal.

“I love what Memphis is building,” Wade wrote. He then called out his former teammate Shaquille O’Neal and said, “(Shaq) it’s time to take notice of these young bulls.”

The landing of Winslow serves a glimpse of what the future looks like in Memphis. With a 20-year-old rising star in Ja Morant being shaped to lead the franchise, the organization’s move to commit to a rebuild might just turn out to be a stroke of genius as well.

Even Wade knows the Grizzlies got a gem in return as he knows what Winslow can bring to the table, having played with the former Duke University standout for a couple of years before hanging it up in 2019.

“Justise time in Miami was needed as a young player in our game now he can go off and apply what he learned to the next chapter. Excited for my Rook,” Wade said of Winslow.

As of writing, reports say the Heat are not yet through with their mid-season roster overhaul as the team is reportedly in the middle of a negotiation with the Oklahoma City Thunder for a potential deal to nab Danilo Gallinari. Judging from its projection, it looks like the Heat are trying to stack their wing position with a great mix of both offensive and defensive tools.