The NHL’s Dallas Stars may have accidentally leaked their own new logo.

The Stars were scheduled to officially unveil their new, secret logo and uniform designs on June 4 at a special fan event, Yahoo! Sports reports. The event was reportedly going to be attended by everyone from team owner Tom Gaglardi to Jamie Benn, the team’s star forward. Instead, the franchise appears to have been beaten to the punch -- by its own iPhone application.

On Thursday, Stars fans noticed that a new image had been added to the wallpaper selections on the team’s official iPhone app. Yahoo! Sports speculates that the circular logo in the center of the image will serve as a shoulder patch, while the “D Star” will serve as the primary image for the team’s new uniforms.

In January, Gaglardi explained the rationale behind the new logo, stating his desire that the new uniforms display a certain “timeless” quality. "What I wanted for this franchise was a logo and a look and a crest that when you look at it has timeless, original-six, vintage, classic qualities to it, and that's been the theme of what we've been pursuing," Gaglardi told SB Nation.

The Dallas Morning News had previously reported that the team’s new uniforms would be “drastically different” from their current look, and would primarily be composed of the color green. If this holds true, the Stars will join the Minnesota Wild as the only teams in the NHL to wear green uniforms.

The Stars have yet to acknowledge whether or not the leaked logo is actually the team’s new look. Still, with the official unveiling scheduled for June 4, fans won’t have to wait too long to find out.