At the end of August, Apple announced its annual September event detailing the newest iPhones, Apple Watch developments and more. The press conference will take place at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday and there are a handful of different ways to watch it.

For those not in attendance at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, the event can be streamed from Apple’s website. The company, of course, recommends watching it on Apple devices using the company’s proprietary Safari web browser. That means Apple wants people watching on iPhones, iPads or Mac computers.

The website also says Windows 10 PCs running the Microsoft Edge browsers can get an ideal viewing experience. For unspecified reasons, Apple did not promise compatibility with the popular Chrome or Firefox browsers; the website only says the latest versions of those browsers “may also be able to access the stream.”

Apple TV owners can also watch that way, if they prefer. The Apple Events app for Apple TV will have those viewers covered if they don't want to AirPlay the stream to their television from an iPhone or iPad.

Analysts and the media have spent the better part of a year speculating on what Apple’s newest line of iPhones will look like, but recent leaks have more or less confirmed a great deal of that speculation. An image emerged at the end of August purporting to show the iPhone XS and XS Plus, which will both have high-quality OLED screens.

The XS will reportedly have a 5.8-inch screen, while the XS Plus will be the heavily rumored 6.5-inch behemoth. Apple released three new iPhones last year and all rumors point to that trend continuing with a 6.1-inch model that has yet to be leaked. That version of the iPhone will not have an OLED screen, making it the most affordable of the three.

Apple is also expected to announce the newest model of Apple Watch at the keynote event. The Apple Watch Series 4 will reportedly have a bigger display and be more water-resistant.

Lastly, Apple will likely address the official release date of its iOS 12 operating system. The newest version of iOS has been in beta for several months now and usually launches around the same time as the newest iPhones.

Rumors also point to a low-cost MacBook laptop and a new Mac Mini.