Dying Light Following
Gameplay from "Dying Light: The Following." Official Dying Light website

Fans of “Dying Light” have been fairly excited about the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) expansion called “The Following,” but it looks like the developers in Techland have something else up their sleeves. Those that like to grind will be happy to hear about the upcoming Legendary Levels that can be reached once “The Following” comes out in February.

According to IGN, players will be able to reach Legendary level after maxing out one of the three skill trees in the game. These legendary levels will have their own skill tree and will give the player a new perk that will increase health, stamina and damage.

Better yet are the rewards. After every 25 levels a player gains a number of neat items like player emblems, outfits and even weapons to bash zombies with. It looks like grinding will have a bigger purpose in the game than originally predicted.

Those that don’t plan on getting “The Following” or don’t have a season pass for the game have nothing to worry about. Destructoid has confirmed that the Legendary Levels will be part of a free update coming in February, which comes with a variety of new gameplay features, like the aforementioned Legendary Levels.

Previous reports about the update also promised a number of things, like hundreds of new animations and better audio among other things. Fans are going to have to wait till February to witness these literal game changers, though it looks like a worthwhile wait.

Horror fans that haven’t picked up “Dying Light” yet will be happy to know that Techland is re-releasing the game will all of the previously released DLC and calling it “Dying Light: Enhanced Edition.” This version of the game will also come with “The Following” expansion and the game changing updates that were previously mentioned.

Whether it’s the new Legendary Levels, “The Following” or the brand new Enhanced Edition re-release that fans are excited about, all of this content will be available on February. The regular version of “Dying Light” is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, so those that want to explore and kill zombies should pick up the title.

Dying Light | Enhanced Edition Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Dying Light)