The new McDonald's mascot, "Happy," was met with criticism on Twitter. McDonald's

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) unveiled a new mascot, “Happy,” an animated Happy Meal box with teeth that the fast food giant says will bring fun and excitement to kids, but many in the Twitterverse are making biting remarks about the choice, as many users said they think the new character is terrifying and creepy.

In a press release issued on Monday, McDonald’s said “Happy,” which will be introduced in its restaurants on Friday, is a character who "brings fun and excitement to kids’ meals while also serving as an ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating.” The animated Happy Meal box was unveiled with a new side option, Go-GURT low-fat strawberry yogurt, for Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals.

“At McDonald’s, we’re always looking to bring fun and happiness to families and listening to our customers’ asks to have more variety and wholesome options for kids to enjoy in their Happy Meals,” said Julie Wenger, McDonald’s senior director of U.S. marketing. “Together, Happy and Go-GURT Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt give kids and parents something to look forward to during their next trip to McDonald’s.”

But in the eyes of some Twitter users, the character isn’t exactly welcoming to kids. Here’s a snapshot of some responses to “Happy”:

McDonald’s doesn’t agree with those sentiments, and it told NBC News in a statement, “Social media is a great place to have a conversation and express an opinion, but not all comments reflect the broader view.”