Nomad Charging Cable
The new Nomad Charging Cable comes with bigger battery pack and sells for $49.95. Nomad

Nomad launched the new version of its Battery Cable for Apple’s iPhones. The new Nomad Battery Cable comes with a bigger battery, yet still features the same design.

The new Nomad Battery Cable has an integrated battery pack and a Lightning cable. Unlike other battery packs and charging banks, the Battery Cable is more ideal for charging iPhones on the go because of its lightweight design and simple charging process.

The second-generation Nomad Battery Cable is packing a 2,800 mAh battery, which is roughly a 20 percent increase from the original’s 2,350 mAh capacity. The newer model is enough to fully charge an iPhone X and yet the physical dimensions of the battery pack itself has remained unchanged, according to AppleInsider. The battery enclosure is also now made of aluminum instead of plastic, which gives it a better look and feel while also providing an extra layer of durability.

Nomad Charging Cable
The new Nomad Charging cable comes with an LSR cable tie, making it easier to wrap the cable up. Nomad

“The Battery Cable combines a durable, nylon wrapped, MFI Certified Lightning Cable with a high capacity 2800mAh portable battery,” the company said on its website. “The battery, surrounded with a robust aluminum housing, gives your iPhone a full charge - keeping you charged through the toughest adventures. The 500D nylon woven in a ballistic weave pattern was originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets.”

The cable of the new Nomad Battery Cable is also slightly thinner and comes with a dark nylon color. Nomad said that the super-strong nylon that covers the cable can also prevent tangling. The company noted that it flex tested the cable up to 10,000 times before it gave in. The new Nomad Battery Cable is 1.5 meters in length and can easily be wrapped up using the custom Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) cable tie.

The USB-A to Lightning cable on Nomad’s new accessory also supports pass-through charging. This means that the cable will be able to charge the connected iPhone first then it will refill the battery pack once the phone is full, according to The Verge.

The new Nomad Charging Cable sells for $49.95 on Nomad’s website, which means it’s worth $10 more than its predecessor. The new Charging Cable is compatible with the iPhone 5 all the way up to the iPhone X. Nomad said that this accessory wasn’t designed for the Apple iPad, but it should still work and be enough to provide an iPad some extra juice when there’s no other option.