• Sasha Banks has reportedly been released back on June 10
  • Her superstar profile remains up on WWE's official website
  • Banks' issues began when she and Naomi walked out on an episode of WWE Raw

WWE has been on the internet wrestling community’s radar in recent days after news broke out that company chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was involved in an alleged hush-money scandal.

At the same time, reports of top-tier women’s performer Sasha Banks also hit the news cycle due to her alleged release from the organization.

Raj Giri, the owner of pro wrestling news site Wrestling Inc., first broke the news, which had Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp asking questions about Banks with his own sources within the promotion while also mentioning that the aforementioned reporter has “good sources” of his own.

During that period, no one really knew whether Banks was released yet or not because WWE Banks’ profile remains up on the official website.

However, Giri provided an update regarding Banks’ status and shared that the whole thing went as far back as June 10.

“She was released on June 10th and it came from Erika Schreiber, VP of Business and Legal Affairs for Talent Relations,” Giri said in a tweet.

This had fans going off in his comments section as it appeared Giri had given off the name of his source but shot those notions down quickly as he would never reveal who he receives updates from.

Upon checking WWE’s website, Banks’ superstar profile was still up on the website, which indicates she might not really be released just yet.

Giri offered an update regarding this matter.

“As for why WWE has not said anything or removed her, the rumor is that leadership is trying to smooth things over,” he said.

Going off on that statement, one could be led to believe that Banks had asked for her release and WWE granted it out of respect for the performer, but not entirely giving up on the relationship just yet.

It is worth noting that superstars who were released from the contracts have a 90-day non-compete clause, and it could be that WWE is looking to use that time to entice her to return.

Theories emerged that her release was meant to deflect from the ongoing McMahon issue, but it would make little sense for WWE to let go of a top draw like Banks on impulse.

Banks’ troubles with WWE began when she and Naomi--while they were still the women’s tag team champions--walked out of a Raw taping in mid-May.

Both Giri and Sapp have the wrestling community’s respect when it comes to breaking news and will likely be the ones to offer more clarification in the coming days regarding Banks’ real status.

Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks warming up for a WWE match. WWE