A newborn baby in India died after a nurse allegedly performed a C-section on a pregnant woman in the absence of the on-duty doctor.

The incident took place Sunday in the southern state of Telangana. The pregnant woman, identified as S Rani, went into labor, following which her husband and other family members took her to the Community Health Center at Chennur in Mancherial district, local media reported.

The woman's husband, identified as S Harikrishna, said the on-duty doctor was unavailable, due to which a nurse checked on his wife. The nurse had then said Rani will have a normal delivery. However, the following morning Rani's condition became critical, and the nurse allegedly decided to perform a C-section operation.

"She said that baby's heartbeat was not good and later she informed us that the baby had died," Harikrishna said, according to the New Indian Express.

The family members blamed the facility for the death of the newborn baby. They also called for strict action to be taken for the negligence.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident, local media Janta Se Rishta reported [Google Translate showed].

The current condition of the woman remains unclear. It is also not known if any charges have been filed against the unidentified nurse, who carried out the surgery.

In another case of negligence in India, a 32-year-old man died after the staff at a hospital injected him with sweet lime juice instead of plasma or platelets. The victim was identified as Pradeep Pandey who was admitted to a hospital in Uttar Pradesh after he tested positive for dengue. "The family has one unit of platelets left with them which as per them caused the complication. Oversight happened at some level. The last unit of platelets which is with the family will be checked. The hospital was sealed on Thursday evening in order to ensure a fair probe," a local medical officer identified as Nanak Saran said.

Earlier this month, a woman in India suffered for five years after doctors left a roughly 4.3-inch-long pair of scissors inside her stomach during a C-section.

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