President Donald Trump sparked the world's largest demonstration in support of women's rights on each continent after not even holding elected office for a full 24 hours.

Now, a coalition of immigrants' rights groups, labor unions and anti-Trump activists are hoping to keep the movement going with a historic demonstration protesting the new White House administration’s hardliner stance on illegal immigration and support of big businesses.

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It could be one of the largest pro-union and immigration rallies in more than a decade, with at least 400,000 demonstrators reportedly set to participate in the nationwide event May 1, Labor Day. Organizers were hoping for the upcoming protest to be even larger than February's "A Day Without Immigrants," when activists and demonstrators abstained from working or making any purchases altogether.

RTSXZW7 Activists gathered at Portland International Airport to protest against President Donald Trump's executive action travel ban in Portland, Oregon, Jan. 29, 2017. Photo: Reuters

"After years of broken promises, raids, driving in fear of being pulled over, not being able to bury our loved ones, Trump is just the final straw," Maria Cabello, a representative for the immigrants’ rights group Movimiento Cosecha, said in a statement.

The demonstration isn't only being planned in support of immigrants and U.S. employees living and working in the country legally, however. Organizers said it’s crucial the nation’s population of nearly 30 million undocumented immigrants are included in the coalition’s efforts.

"It's very important that we can show that the undocumented community can turn fear into power," Erika Andiola, a former press representative for Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-VT., told TelesurTV Wednesday. "We hope that our communities can come out and say, 'Yes, we're here, yes we are going to show our power and yes we can change this community.'"

Like "A Day Without Immigrants," those participating in the May 1 event are encouraged to abstain from contributing to the national workforce and markets for the entire day. Labor unions like the SEIU United Service Workers West will also reportedly participate across California.