Alex Smith Chiefs 2015
After losing to New England in the AFC Divisional Round playoff, the Kansas City Chiefs and quarterback Alex Smith now own the No. 28 overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. Getty Images

Following the AFC and NFC’s Divisional Round playoff, the 2016 NFL Draft has further snapped into place. The eliminated Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, and Pittsburgh Steelers now join the NFL’s 24 other teams who either didn’t make the postseason or were bounced before this weekend’s conference championship games.

Once the season ended we already knew the Tennessee Titans owned the No. 1 overall selection in April’s selection process, followed the Cleveland Browns at No. 2, the San Diego Chargers at No. 3, Dallas Cowboys at No. 4, and the Jacksonville Jaguars rounding out the top five.

The Titans have their pick of the latest litter hoping to break into the NFL, but according to reports Tennessee is open to trading the pick after taking quarterback Marcus Mariota No. 2 overall in 2015’s draft.

Last week, the Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, and Cincinnati Bengals were the four newest teams to learn their draft order, and now the Steelers, Seahawks, Packers and Chiefs move directly behind them.

The order is first decided by a team’s regular season record, and any ties are broken by comparing each squad’s strength of schedule (SOS). For example, the Steelers, Packers, and Seahawks all ended the regular season at 10-6 and were eliminated on the same weekend. But because Pittsburgh had the lowest SOS of the three (.504), it’s slotted at No. 25 overall, followed by Seattle, Green Bay, and Kansas City.

Below is the 2016 NFL Draft order, which will be finalized following the Super Bowl. The champion gets the last pick in the draft, and the runner-up gets the penultimate selection.

Current 2016 NFL Draft Order

1.Tennessee Titans (3-13, .492)

2.Cleveland Browns (3-13, .531)

3.San Diego Chargers (4-12, .528)

4.Dallas Cowboys (4-12, .533)

5.Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11, .473)

6.Baltimore Ravens (5-11, .508)

7.San Francisco 49ers (5-11, .539)

8.Miami Dolphins (6-10, .469)

9.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10, .484)

10. New York Giants (6-10, .498)

11.Chicago Bears (7-9, .548)

12.New Orleans Saints (7-9, .504)

13.Philadelphia Eagles (7-9, .508)

14.Oakland Raiders (7-9)

15.St. Louis Rams (7-9, .538)

16.Detroit Lions (7-9, .536)

17.Atlanta Falcons (8-8, .478)

18.Indianapolis Colts (8-8, .500)

19.Buffalo Bills (8-8, .508)

20.New York Jets (10-6, .441)

21.Washington Redskins (9-7, .465)

22.Houston Texans (9-7, .496)

23.Minnesota Vikings (11-5, .504)

24.Cincinnati Bengals (12-4, .504)

25.Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6, .504)

26.Seattle Seahawks (10-6, .520)

27.Green Bay Packers (10-6, .531)

28.Kansas City Chiefs (11-5, .496)

29. TBD

30. TBD

31. TBD

32. TBD