• The New York Giants' first pads-on practice ended in a team brawl
  • Head coach Joe Judge let the expletives fly as he punishes the team for it
  • Players shrug off the incident as "football-related activities"

The NFL season is set to begin on the second week of September.  Teams are deep in their training camps, preparing for the 18-week grind the comprises the season.

Teams have three preseason games in order to tune up their defensive and offensive schemes, and this is where they will also try out some trick plays that they can bust out in a pinch.

For the New York Giants, their latest team training session ended in a near-teamwide brawl.

The Giants’ first day of pads-on practice ended almost as soon as it started when running back Corey Clement was hit by safety Xavier McKinney with unexpected force.

It then escalated when tight end Evan Engram decided to stand up for his teammate by shoving strong safety Jabrill Peppers. 

The brawl broke out after cornerback Logan Ryan shoved Engram in the back, knocking him over.

Head coach Joe Judge came in with expletives flying around the training grounds and broke up the fight.

Due to the fact that it was his veterans who started the fight, Judge made his team do 100-yard runs for seemingly an endless amount of time and he decided to add to the punishment with goal-line push-ups.

Judge sent off his coaches and had his players gather around him before ending the session.

Clement later mentioned that as the team was in the locker room after the brawl, they were all joking around as if nothing happened.

“Football is a great sport because even though you take some blows, it brings you together as a family," he said. "It doesn't carry over. We all understand the nature of the game. You get hit; you get back up. If you don't want to be a part of it, you can't cry about it.”

Incidents such as these are a bit commonplace at training camps, but it usually happens among end-of-the-bench players pining for a spot on the roster, not veterans who have been in the battles.

Ryan has won two Super Bowls with Judge during their time with the New England Patriots, and he sees the whole incident as a passion-laden brawl because they wanted to protect each other at all costs.

“I've been in there for quite some time. It's not necessary all the time, but I understand there is a lot of passion out there. And I'll take passion,” Ryan stated.