The Philadelphia Eagles are in a bind right now following the injury to backup quarterback Nade Sudfeld. Seeing how Carson Wentz has been on and off the injury list, head coach Doug Pederson needs to make sure that he still has some backup players in the event the inevitable happens. One NFL free agent he could consider is Colin Kaepernick.

But before that, the Eagles do have a couple of backups in two. That includes Cody Kessler and Clayton Thorson. Unfortunately, both have not exactly played up to par although they are likely to be given another chance to prove they can be relied upon. If not, this may be the part where the Eagles could consider getting one from the free-agent market.

In a previous post, Kaepernick sent feelers that he is ready for an NFL comeback. He posted a video showing off his workout and that he is ready to make his return to the field. As of this writing, no team has expressed interest in the former San Francisco 49ers player who started a wave of protests about social and racial injustice.

While it makes sense for the Eagles, there are questions about his conditioning. His last game was way back in 2016 and despite showing off his physique, it remains that everything is different on the football field. There is also the matter of chemistry, something that most felt led to his departure in San Francisco.

But as CBS pointed out, there are other names to consider. Brock Osweiler, Josh McCown, Matt Cassel, Geno Smith, Josh Johnson, and Sam Bradford could be considered as well although Kaepernick could easily be the name that stands out.

Also worth noting for Pederson is that Kaepernick was responsible for leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013. He also had his share of the spotlight in 2016 before being forced out in what some branded as blackballing.

The Eagles are likely to take their time and make use of their resources, namely Kessler and Thorson. If Pederson's patience runs out, calling Kaepernick is one of several options. That is unless some other team beats Philly to him.