• Patrick Mahomes revealed what he thinks is the biggest issue in NFL today
  • Mahomes is calling for the use of microchipped footballs to accurately determine touchdowns 
  • The star quarterback has always been cautious about how the game is being officiated

Patrick Mahomes has come up with a bizarre yet on-point suggestion that could take NFL officiating to the next level.

To date, Mahomes has already completed an impressive 114 touchdowns. While the said stat easily makes him one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today, the Kansas City Chiefs star suggested that there could be a better and more effective way of determining if the ball really crossed the goal line.

During a recent appearance on the “WHOOP” podcast, Mahomes pointed out that the “biggest” issue in the game today is making the right call when a “pile” by the goal line occurs. To aid it, the current highest-paid QB is urging the NFL to produce microchipped footballs, an innovation he predicts is coming sooner rather than later.

“I’ve always thought the chip in the ball has to happen sometime, where if you cross the line, it just tells you a touchdown,” Mahomes said. “The biggest thing to me is when they get in the pile by the end zone, there is literally no way to tell if he’s in the end zone or not. It’s like you said, it’s just whatever they call."

"I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough,” he added.

Crushing: Young gun Patrick Mahomes never really fired in his team's disappointing performance Crushing: Young gun Patrick Mahomes never really fired in his team's disappointing performance Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Patrick Smith

Unlike other NFL stars who are only concerned about playing and winning, Mahomes has always been perceptive and observant about how the game is being officiated.

In fact, in 2019, during a game against the Detroit Lions, Mahomes scrambled for a 25-yard run and a first down in the first quarter. While in the middle of the run, the QB looked back and stared down a ref to check for a penalty flag.

The said moment drew attention from the public as many were baffled by the truth behind Mahomes’ weird act.

Addressing the subject after the game, Mahomes insisted that he was just making sure that the ref wasn’t calling it back for a penalty. Otherwise, his effort will be put to waste.

“That was exactly it,” Mahomes said of his infamous ref stare incident. “I looked back to see if there was a penalty. I saw that I had the room and could probably get the first down. But I don’t want to run like 50 yards if it was gonna get called back and I’d have to run another play.”

“When I look back on it, I’m like, ‘Man, I don’t know why I did that’,” he continued. “But in the moment, I just kind of thought about it and looked back and saw there was no flag. So I took off.”