• Kraft hopes to re-sign Brady
  • Brady exploring options this NFL offseason
  • Brady could wind up playing backup quarterback

The future of Tom Brady remains unknown with the 42-year-old weighing his options this offseason. Following an unceremonious exit, the focus has shifted on whether the 6-time Super Bowl champion will remain in New England.

One person who would love to have him back is Pats owner Robert Kraft. The 78-year-old said in a report by USA Today that he hopes to see Brady play for the Patriots if he does not retire. The four-time Super Bowl MVP made it clear that he intends to play on until 45 for as long as his body allows him to.

The latest on that possibility seems to have gained a bit of ground. However, TMZ Sports noted words used by Kraft - "plan to". Pundits feel that the recent response of the Pats owner indicates that there is still no guarantee that Brady will remain a Patriot.

Regardless, Brady is expected to be among the top NFL players most will be following. Several teams have been mentioned as a possible destination. The list includes the Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers. A clearer picture should ensue come March 18, the day that Brady officially becomes a free agent.

Wherever he plays, there is a question on the capacity he will be used. It is no secret that the 14-time Pro Bowler showed signs of slowing down and some feel this contributed in the ouster of the Pats. New England fell to the Tennessee Titans with Brady hardly a factor. He threw for only 209 yards and failed to get a touchdown in that game.

Whether it be the Pats or some other NFL team, Brady could end up playing backup to a younger quarterback. He could end up following the lead of other veteran quarterbacks who become backups and mentors at the same time. Looking at the bright side, New England has yet to find a worthy replacement to start at quarterback as of this writing.

Adding more fuel to speculations that Brady could be on his way out. In a report from NBC Sports, the future NFL Hall of Famer and his wife, Giselle Bundchen are allegedly looking to leave New England once their kids finish school this year. However, moving out does not necessarily mean that Brady is totally writing off any plans of continuing to play for New England.