• Brady will test free agency for offers
  • Pats return still on the table
  • Brady and family moving out of New England

For the first time since entering the NFL back in 2000, Tom Brady will be exploring free agency. And while his age (42) could be an issue, the six-time Super Bowl champion seems confident of playing at least another season. The only question now is which team would give him that opportunity.

In a previous post, it was mentioned how Brady faced grim prospects of playing for another NFL team. Most are leaning on younger quarterbacks and the best the four-time Super Bowl MVP could get is a backup role. However, several teams could take a chance on Brady. Among those mentioned include the Los Angeles Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and the Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders.

Of course, a return to New England is also possible. Team owner Robert Kraft said that he is open to bringing back the three-time NFL MVP although he did not mention at what capacity. Brady once said that he plans to play until he is 45 years old for as long as he is not sidelined by any injury.

According to CBS Sports, Brady will be talking to teams in what could be his last NFL contract. The list of teams he will be visiting was not named although NBC Chicago raised the possibility of Brady taking on a mentoring job. The Chicago Bears need someone to guide Mitch Trubisky although they need to fix their team salary budget. The task of doing so falls in the hands of Bears general manager Ryan Pace.

Despite Kraft wanting Brady back, it appears the 14-time Pro Bowler is ready to move on. Just recently, it was reported by NBC Sports Boston that Brady and his family were planning to leave New England. However, this does not entirely mean that the doors are shut on a return to the Pats by Brady.

Right now, it may be the numbers game and role that Brady wants to see. He did not exactly have a stellar 2019-20 NFL season, something critics feel is a sign of slowing down. However, it remains that Brady still has the fire burning from within to play. The only question is which NFL team will give him that chance for next season.