• Tom Brady is looking to play beyond 45 years old
  • Brady is proving detractors wrong with his 10th Super Bowl trip
  • Brady could eye making a new NFL record as the oldest athlete to play in the league

Tom Brady has somehow found a way to keep himself healthy hinting that he could be sticking around the NFL for more years.

Now 43 years old, not many felt that the six-time Super Bowl champion can play until he is 45. It was deemed wishful thinking, but the former Michigan standout is proving detractors wrong.

From someone who drew heavy fire in his last season with the New England Patriots, the consensus then was Brady’s status was on the decline.

He had a miserable season, and a new deal with the Pats was seen by some as merely due diligence. But based on what football fans are seeing right now, it was just a case of having a rough season.

When he opted to join Tampa Bay, most felt the Buccaneers were out of their mind. Some even pointed out the dipping performance of the four-time Super Bowl MVP, but all that has been rebuffed.

Lo and behold, Brady is now headed to his 10th Super Bowl and is in a prime position to win his seventh ring.

With the success he has garnered, it comes to no surprise that Brady is at an all-time high. Pundits would prefer to ask when he would retire, but it appears that is not in the Buccs star quarterback’s mind right now.

In fact, he seems all pumped up to continue playing for as long as his body allows him, ESPN reported.

"I don't know when that time will come. But I think I'll know. And I'll understand that I gave everything I could to give to this game. You put a lot into it. I don't think I could ever go at this game half-ass. I've gotta put everything into it," he said.

"When I put it all out there, [when] I feel like I can't do it anymore, I don't feel like I can commit to the team in the way that the team needs me, then I think that's when it's probably time to walk away," Brady added.

Credit goes to Brady’s personal trainer, Alex Guerrero. Both have been trying to find ways to keep the future NFL Hall of Famer healthy, especially in a physical sport where the 43-year-old is expected to take big hits.

Tom Brady celebrates after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers book their place in the Super Bowl after an upset of the Green Bay Packers
Tom Brady celebrates after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers book their place in the Super Bowl after an upset of the Green Bay Packers GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Dylan Buell

Having successfully done so, it appears Brady is editing that previous claim of playing until he is 45. The new target is 47 although he may go beyond that.

The oldest player in NFL history is George Banda who played until he was 48.

Depending on how his body holds up, the three-time NFL MVP could factor that in and consider it another challenge in his illustrious career, TMZ reported.