• Nicholas Sutton was executed Thursday night after four murders, including that of his grandmother when he was 18
  • Sutton's legal team applied for clemency, citing his transformation behind bars
  • Sutton chose the electric chair over lethal injection

Nicholas Todd Sutton in his last words before getting executed at the Tennessee Department of Correction talked about seeing God and also thanked his family for their support following his sentencing.

The Tennessean reported that when asked what his last words were, the 58-year-old death row inmate thanked his family for working hard to “save” his life. He also talked about heaven, his faith, and his gratefulness “to be a servant of God.”

Finally, Sutton said before his execution that he is anticipating the moment he will be in God’s presence. The outlet noted that Sutton had his eyes closed as his body was doused with saline solution.

Before being declared death, Sutton’s body lifted up as he was strapped to the electric chair and electrocution jolts coursed through his body two times.

Officials revealed previously that Sutton asked his family not to visit him in prison during the last few days leading up to his execution. Media confirmed that Sutton’s relatives and loved ones were nowhere in sight during on Thursday night’s execution.

According to FOX News, Sutton’s passing was the fifth since 2018 that Tennessee’s electric chair was used as a way of executing convicted inmates. He was already serving three life sentences before he was put on death row for the fatal stabbing of fellow inmate, Carl Estep.

Sutton was 18 years old when he knocked out his grandmother, Dorothy Sutton, and threw her in a river. The autopsy found out that the grandma’s cause of death was from drowning.

After receiving his life sentence, Sutton went on to admit that he also killed John Large and Charles Almon. The sister of Large, Amy Large Cook, was among the people who came to the execution site but she was not allowed to watch the execution.

Sutton’s original execution date was set for 2015 but legal delays took place. He was also praised for his transformation while serving his life sentence and waiting for his execution day to arrive.

Defense lawyer Kevin Sharp stated in a clemency application that was later denied that Sutton saved the lives of several correction officers. According to CNN, one of the officers, Tony Eden, said “I owe my life to Nick Sutton.”

Sheriff’s Deputy Howard Ferrell also testified in 1979 that Sutton came to his rescue after an inmate attempted to hit Ferrell from the back in a Hamblen County prison. Ferrell has since passed away.

One of the people who testified in the defense team’s clemency application for Sutton was Charles Maynard, the nephew of Almon.

Sutton himself chose the electric chair for his execution.