Moran Shipping Vessel
A shipping vessel owned by the Russian security firm Moran Moran Group Int.

A Russian ship carrying arms and ammunitions has been seized by the Nigerian navy in the port city and capital Lagos.

Nigerian authorities reported that the vessel was owned by Moscow-based security firm Moran and that it was not authorized to dock in Nigeria.

Moran claimed that the boat had all necessary documentation to carry arms and was bound for Canarky, Guinea, but had stopped in Lagos to change its crew of 15 Russians, the BBC reported.

The Nigerian Navy said the vessel was sailing under a Dutch flag, while Moran told the BBC that it was registered with the Cook Islands.

Nigerian authorities have detained the crew members, pending the results of an investigation to determine if they were smuggling arms.

The cargo reportedly included 14 AK-47 assault rifles and 22 MR1 rifles in addition to over 8,000 rounds of ammunition, according to the BBC.

Arms smuggling has become a serious concern in Nigeria where the military is fighting Islamist insurgents in the north and combating piracy and organized crime in the Niger Delta.