• Intergalactic trading is affected by the economics of all given systems
  • Some items are naturally worth more in certain galaxies than others
  • Other items have high sell values regardless of galactic economies

Trading is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make money in “No Man’s Sky.” However, it’s not always as simple as buying and selling random loot.

Due to the game’s simulated galactic economy and trading markets, players will have to hop between different star systems in order to get as much profit as they can while hopefully avoiding any financial losses.

Every randomly-generated galaxy specializes in a goods- or services-based economy that dictates the type of interstellar merchandise they have for sale. One type of economy always favors the products sold in another as dictated by current market demand trends.

Here’s a cheat sheet on how each economy interacts with others in terms of market supply and demand:

  • Scientific
    • Buys from: Material Fusion/Ore Processing
    • Sells to: Trading/Commercial
  • Trading
    • Buys from: Scientific
    • Sells to: Material Fusion/Ore Processing
  • Material Fusion
    • Buys From: Trading/Commercial
    • Sells to: Scientific
  • Mining
    • Buys from: Power Generation
    • Sells to: Construction/Industrial
  • Construction
    • Buys from: Mining
    • Sells to: Technology/Engineering
  • Technology
    • Buys from: Construction/Industrial
    • Sells to: Power Generation/Energy Supply

One economy will always produce items that are valuable to the economy type that they’re selling to, and they will always purchase items for a higher price from the economy types they are buying from (unless demand is met).

There are some “neutral” items in the world such as Albumen Pearls or Larval Cores that can be sold for decent prices almost anywhere in the universe. However, it might still be a good idea to keep a close eye on market demands to see where these items are best sold.

Additionally, sell prices for crafted materials such as Acid, Solar Mirrors and Microprocessors are also affected by system-specific demand.

It’s best to establish a network of galaxies that players can comfortably trade in using the list above. If the starting capital is high enough, players can buy the entire stock of one trading post and sell it all in a different one for millions of Units per transaction.

A freighter with an onboard teleporter and trading station can help reduce the downtime between station visits.

Exploring the exterior of a freighter in No Man's Sky
Exploring the exterior of a freighter in No Man's Sky Hello Games