After Christmas is great time to catch some last minute sales or cash in your gift cards, but it's also time to add some apps to your new Nook Color or Nook Tablet. It's a small selection to choose from compared to Apple and Android, but strong holiday sales of the devices should help convince developers to keep adding new and better apps in the coming months. As a seven inch device, the Nook Tablet performs best as portable reading device. That's what it specializes in, but it's a rather full featured device that lets you do plenty more than just read.

This short list should get you started, and is only a guide to what's possible in the Nook Apps system. The apps here are not all from one category, but are meant to show off how versatile Nook Talbet is, while giving users a look into what developers are coming up with. About half the apps listed here are free, but the rest are less than $5. Remember apps do take up space on your device, and that storage space is limited. You'll probably need to add and SD card to your device if you want to store a huge amount of apps. Usually, they aren't that big of files, but keep it mind if you want lots of them.

Start the slideshow to see six must-have apps for the Nook Tablet. Tell us in the comments if you love apps or if you think they are overrated.

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