The North Dakota Fighting Sioux nickname looks to be on the way out. The North Dakota House of Representatives reversed a law today that would have made it illegal to change the name. ESPN reported that the governor will sign the bill.

Being forced to change what you're called doesn't mean changing who you are, said Democratic Sen. Mac Schneider, a former UND football player, according to ESPN. We are the University of North Dakota, and we'll always be fighting.

The nickname has been banned by the NCAA for being offensive to Native Americans. Some schools with Native American affilliated nicknames, such as the Florida State Seminoles, have been able to keep the name by gaining the permission from the local tribe.

North Dakota attempted to do the same, but could only get permission from one of the two tribes they would have needed, Reuters reported.

The law passed today would require the University not select a new mascot until at least 2015, The Vancouver Sun reported.