North Korea missile test US scared military drill
A North Korean state-run website released a statement Monday saying that the U.S. was scared of the former's missile test-fires last week and slammed Washington's ongoing drills with Seoul. In this photo, a man watches a news report showing file footage of North Korean missiles on parade, at a railway station in Seoul on March 4, 2016. Getty Images/AFP/Jung Yeon-Je

The North Korean state-run media slammed Washington's response to the former’s test-fire of a new-type large-caliber multiple launch rocket system last week and said Monday that the U.S. was scared of the system. The test-fire occurred last Monday and amid accusations that Pyongyang was increasing provocations in the region with its missile and nuclear tests.

The latest statement by North Korea was made by its state-controlled website Uriminzokkiri, which added that the U.S. has deployed strategic and tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea after calculating that the efforts would halt Pyongyang’s nuclear advancement. However, the statement said that Washington’s “wild dream went up in smoke and very expensive weapons turned into scrap iron in the face of the DPRK's H-bomb [hydrogen bomb] test and showing off of its military muscle through ballistic rocket fire.”

The report added: “The deployment of the multiple launch rocket system is like a horrible nightmare for the U.S. as the system is of great strategic significance in remarkably increasing the capabilities of the Korean People's Army in mounting precision attacks on the enemies' targets in the operational theatre in the southern part of Korea,” adding: “The U.S. ridiculous and hysterical behavior just stems from its horror of the DPRK.”

North Korea’s test-fire on March 21 involved firing several short-range missiles in the waters off the east coast from the northeastern city of Hamhung. The statement from Uriminzokkiri cited the special representative of the U.S. Department of State for Korea policy, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of State for the East Asian and Pacific Affairs and a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department to say that the North Korean “missile launch by use of the ballistic missile-firing technology is a clear violation of the UN Security Council's resolution.”

The Uriminzokkiri report also cited U.S. and South Korean officials as urging Pyongyang to “refrain from escalating tension” and asked the Kim Jong Un regime to take measures on keeping up the international “promise and duty.”

The report also condemned Washington’s annual military drills in South Korea, which are the largest annual drills between the two countries so far, and said that they were targeting Pyongyang with an intention to harm “the dignity of the supreme leadership and social system.” The report said that the U.S. was trying to shift the blame of escalating tensions on North Korea and labeling it as the “violator of international law.”

North Korea reiterated that its military advancements are for self-defense to stand up against the U.S. and that the country is just trying to safeguard its sovereignty.

In January, North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test and reports have suggested that the country is capable of conducting further tests at any given time. Since then, the country has also conducted several missile tests and a rocket launch in February. Earlier in March, North Korea claimed that it mastered the missile re-entry technology. However, that claim was contested by South Korean officials.

In the meantime, Kim has also called on his officials to advance the country's nuclear capabilities and make more weapons. Pyongyang’s latest tests and advancements have led to sanctions from South Korea, the U.S. and the United Nations Security Council.