Uriminzokkir, North Korea’s propaganda website, Thursday condemned the United States for intervening in inter-Korean affairs.

In its commentary, the website controlled by North Korean government, said the U.S. is interfering “with the internal problems of our nation” and criticized the nation for raising the atmosphere for anti-DPRK sanctions.

It stated that though the U.S. openly speaks about supporting inter-Korean relations, it behaves in a very contradictory manner. The website also accused Washington of intervening in inter-Korean affairs by putting pressure on South Korea to not deviate from sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

South Korean News Agency Yonhap reported South Korea saying that acceleration of the Inter-Korean cooperation would help promote North Korea's talks with the U.S. but Washington insists that rapid progress in inter-Korean economic cooperation would weaken international sanctions on Pyongyang.

Arirang Meari, another North Korean website, criticized Washington for putting the brakes on Koreas' joint field study on connecting railways across the border. The website also condemned the U.S. for asking South Korean banks to abide by anti-North sanctions.

Korean Central News Agency quoted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un criticizing the international sanctions on his regime by saying "hostile forces" are attempting to hamper its efforts to improve the lives of its people.

"The hostile forces are foolishly keen on vicious sanctions to stand in our way toward promotion of people's wellbeing and development and to lead us to change and submission. But they will be made to clearly see over time how our country that has built its strength hundreds of times defying hardship build its own country as a powerful nation by its own strength, technology and efforts," the website quoted Kim saying.

In a similar commentary in August this year, Uriminzokkiri had reported that additional U.S. sanctions on North Korea would be a “foolish idea.” It stated that the U.S. will have more to lose than gain from the sanctions.

Arirang Meari had also blamed "sanctions against North Korea" as one of the reasons for no improvement in North Korea-South Korea relations. It had also stated that these sanctions show America’s hostility toward the country.

Thursday’s comment came a day after reports stated that North Korea is preparing several of its nuclear and missile test sites for international inspections.

Yonhap quoted Kim Min-ki of the ruling Democratic Party saying, "Signs have been detected that North Korea is doing some preparations and intelligence-related activity over a possible visit by outside experts, as it shut down the nuclear test site and demolished some of the missile launching facilities at Dongchang-ri.”