Those living in the Northeast are gearing up for some intense weather that’ll be hitting over the weekend.

A Nor’easter storm has been forming along the East Coast and it’s said to bring heavy rain, strong winds and maybe even snow. Those living in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Connecticut, New York City and everywhere in between might be impacted. 

“A Nor’easter is a storm along the East Coast of North America, so-called because the winds over the coastal area are typically from the northeast,” the National Weather Service reports. 

“During winter, the polar jet stream transports cold Arctic air southward across the plains of Canada and the United States, then eastward toward the Atlantic Ocean where warm air from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic tries to move northward,” the NWS adds. 

These types of storms usually occur from September to April. While the Nor’easter progresses north up the East Coast, the intensity of the storm increases, and the area of maximum intensity is usually around New England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. 

Cities in Maryland and Delaware have already reported up to one inch of rain per hour Saturday morning, according to ABC News. They add there’s also been some flooding in some areas. 

Along with the copious amounts of rain and the dropping temperatures, this rainstorm could turn into a snowstorm, starting in parts of New England. 

While it’s difficult to predict how much snow there’ll actually be, it’s reported that there could be anywhere from one to over six inches over the weekend. Those in Massachusetts might see the most snowfall out of the Northeast. 

Residents in these northern states need to beware of power outages that can possibly occur.

Snowstorm Scientists predict that snowstorms in the U.S. could decrease dramatically in the last decade of the century if greenhouse gas emissions continue to run unabated. Photo: Chemose / Flickr