Delancey Underground Park
Underground Park Delancey Underground

A pair of NYC architects have submitted plans for a Kickstarter campaign that will allow them to build an underground park in an abandoned trolley terminal in the Lower East Side. Dan Barasch and James Ramsey of Raad Studio are hoping to convert the unoccupied Williamsburg Bridge Trolly Terminal into the city's first subterranean park. The plan is called Delancey Underground and has also been cleverly dubbed the Lowline.

The space, which is about 60,000 square feet, will be lit using Ramsey and Barasch's self-devised remote sky lights. The remote sky light concentrates natural sunlight at the surface, channels it underground and then redistributes it. It actually kicks off enough light to support photosynthesis so we can grow plants, tress, grass etc, said Ramsey in their Kickstart video. The video also features stunning renderings of the prospective park, which appears to be a synthesis of modern design and organic textures.

The duo first presented their idea to their local community board in September, and then to the MTA, which owns the site. They have garnered a significant amount of public interest and will now need to produce a full-scale model that will serve as a demo for the city and potential investors.

Ramsey and Barasch are aiming to raise $100,000 for the project. As of Monday, they have reached just over half of their goal. The project will only go through if they can reach their pledge by Friday, April 6.