Mitt Romney
Fellow Mormons say Mitt Romney isn’t the face of the religion. Reuters

Less than a day after a controversial video of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney leaked online, delivering what some say is a new blow to the GOP campaign, U.S. President Barack Obama zeroed in on his rival's misfortune by releasing a new ad, amplifying Romney's message in the private fundraiser held months ago.

During the fundraiser Romney was secretly videoed telling donors that 47 percent of Americans - the ones who support Obama - believe they are victims. He also said that they feel entitled to the government taking care of them.

"My job is not to worry about those people," Romney is heard on the video. "I will never convince them."

In a new ad titled 47 Percent, posted on YouTube Tuesday, the Obama camp took to the streets to get ordinary Americans' take on Romney's words.

People shown in the Obama video were shocked at Romney's comment. Others said the private meeting shows Romney is out-of-touch, something of which Democrats have long accused him of.

"I am not looking for a handout," one woman said in the Obama ad.

Another woman said she doesn't think anyone is looking for a handout from the government. Rather, they are seeking chances and opportunities.

"I think the fact that Mitt Romney made all these comments behind closed doors really shows his character," she added.

But it wasn't all women who expressed their distaste for Romney's private talk.

"If as a president, you try to separate by demographics, separate by classes you are not really a president," one man told the makers of the Obama ad.

Romney has not backed down from his comments. Instead, he told reporters that his words weren't elegantly stated and were spoken off the cuff.

Some of the voices in the Obama ad agreed that based on the comments made, Romney isn't the kind of president they would want representing them.