Eva Air
An Eva Air female flight attendant accused a passenger of sexual harassment after he forced the female crew on the plane to undress him and wipe his behind claiming he was disabled to do it himself. In this photo, an Eva Air airplane is flying over the Sukarno-Hatta airport in Tangerang, Indonesia on Feb. 15, 2012. Getty Images/Adek Berry

An obese male passenger on board an EVA Air flight forced female flight attendants to undress him and wipe his posterior after he used the toilet. One of the female crew is now accusing the passenger of sexual harassment and threatened to sue the man.

The unnamed female flight attendant said the "old, white, American man weighing around 200 kilograms (440 pounds)" made unreasonable requests during Saturday's flight from Los Angeles to Taipei. According to Focus Taiwan, the woman said the wheelchair-bound passenger needed assistance to use the restroom two hours into the nearly 12 hour long haul flight.

He asked several female flight attendants to help him take off his pants and underwear and assist him in the bathroom. The women claim the airline did not have male staff on board.

"I felt that as a flight attendant, removing a passenger's underwear was beyond the scope of my responsibilities," the deputy cabin service head told Focus Taiwan, adding that the man claimed he was unable to undress himself because of his disability.

The man was escorted to the business class toilet but allegedly pressed the emergency assistance button shortly after. "With his underwear only half pulled down, he asked the flight attendant to help him to pull his underwear down," Taiwan English News reported.

"The flight attendant at first refused, but the man, sitting on the toilet with his legs open and genitals exposed, insisted, and pleaded that he could not complete his ablutions with his underwear only half-down."

After the man finished using the restroom, the women claim the male passenger refused to leave the restroom until one of them helped wipe him.

"This is really too much. The cabin crew are all female and we don’t have a male team member. No one can help you," she said. However, one female flight attendant eventually came forward and assisted the man when he would not leave the restroom.

The cabin director who wiped the man’s behind claimed the passenger began to moan and said “deeper” while she was assisting him.

The flight attendant said she documented her experience in an effort to encourage the airline to protect its employees and with help from the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union, request EVA Air to sue the passenger.

EVA Air released a statement saying flight staff are allowed to refuse a passenger’s request if they are uncomfortable. The airline however, said male staff were on the flight and they assisted with the disabled passenger.

Local media reported the same passenger to have been involved in another incident in May 2018 with EVA Air when he defecated in his underwear during the flight.