Occupy Wall Street
Efforts from cities and municipalities across the U.S. to evict Occupy demonstrators from their encampments in public areas have sparked federal lawsuits. REUTERS

A day after an Iraq War veteran was critically injured during a clash with police, hundreds of Occupy Oakland protesters held a march in the area late Wednesday night. The march started after a peaceful demonstration at Frank Ogawa Plaza, where police dismantled the protesters camp Monday night.

Police erected barricades to prevent protesters from reaching a freeway, the Associated Press reported. Some officers followed the marchers. However, there were no confrontations or arrests. An hour later, the protesters started dispersing.

On Tuesday, Scott Olsen, an Iraq War veteran who was among the protesters, suffered a cracked skull when an object hit his head. It was not clear what hit him or who had thrown it. However, some protesters alleged that the police had fired the object.

Police Chief Howard Jordan said they would probe into the events leading to Olsen's injury.