Wall Street's commute Friday morning was disrupted as a band of hundreds involved with the Occupy Wall Street protest marched the streets of Lower Manhattan to Wall Street, obstructed by police and followed by dozens of reporters with cameras flashing. Police were seen making at least several arrests.

Police hurried before 8 a.m. EST into position at barricades surrounding the New York Stock Exchange but marching protesters chanting We are the United States pushed ahead. The march was still underway at 8 a.m. as tensions rose in Lower Manhattan, where the protest began more than one month ago.

The morning commute was disrupted as workers trying to reach buildings in the area of the New York Stock Exchange were obstructed by the crowd which filled the streets. As the march pushed against police, the crowd cheered and cameras flashed as a small marching band with horns kept playing.

People before profit, said one sign, held by a protester in the march.

New York police seemed caught off guard for the march. As protestors left the park at around 7:30 a.m. and began marching together toward Wall Street a dozen or so officers jogged to the barriers police have kept in place around the New York Stock Exchange. A police truck was dispatched to get more officers, as those in place tried to hold back protestors from pushing beyond the barriers.

The march came on the morning the city and protesters were said to have avoided another showdown. The cleanup of a plaza in Lower Manhattan -- Zuccotti Park -- where campers have been staked out for the month was postponed early Friday.

The announcement that the cleaning of the park was postponed, which protestors viewed as a means of evicting them, brought cheers from the crowd at just before 6:30 a.m., before the scheduled 7 a.m. cleaning.