As Occupy Wall Street has grown to be one-month-old national and international movement, the global momentum gained by the Occupy movement is now seen, at least by Glenn Beck, as a legitimate threat to the nation that should be taken seriously.

We are headed for a very tough, summer. Take these people seriously, said Beck in a Fox News interview.

People on the streets are calling for revolution, and media is doing a horrible job in explaining what this really is, what the roots are, and how it is global in nature.

And indeed, the movement's leaders, gaining confidence in the rising global support, have declared the promised victory of this leaderless resistance movement.

One month ago today about 2,000 people rallied in Lower Manhattan and marched up Broadway. Stopping at Zuccotti Park an estimated 150 stayed the night and began an encampment. Renaming the space Liberty Square, we kicked off a protest against bank bailouts, corporate greed, and the unchecked power of Wall Street in Washington, reads a statement posted on the official website of Occupy Wall Street on Monday.

In the last month, the message of We are the 99% has won the hearts and minds of over half of Americans (according to a recent Time survey) and is gaining ground globally, with 1500 protests in 82 countries this past Saturday (October 15), the statement said.

Within the U.S., the Occupy movement has sparked demonstrations in over 100 cities from coast to coast.

The movement's economic impact has been undeniable -- at least in the form of donations. While spreading out to 1,500 cities in 82 countries, the original Occupy Wall Street movement alone has gathered $435,000 in donations, reports The Wall Street Journal.

While $85,000 came from personal donations at the Zuccotti Park in Manhattan that has become the home base of Occupy protesters, the rest was donated using online transactions, according to Darrell Prince, an activist who kept track of the daily donations. It's way more support than we ever thought would come in, the Journal quoted Prince.

The movement's seemingly uncontrollable and endless expansion, obviously triggered and empowered by online social media, is just stunning. According to the Occupy Wall Street website, protests filled streets of financial districts globally, in cities like Berlin, Athens, Auckland, Mumbai, Tokyo and Soul.

On Saturday, a day dubbed Global Day of Action by the Wall Street protesters, 150,000 people gathered in Rome from across Italy

Over 3,000 people attempted to occupy the London Stock Exchange, while Sydney, Australia saw 800 people calling for human need, not corporate greed.

80 people gathered at the Johannesburg Securities Exchange in South Africa, several hundred protesters sat outside the Taipei World Financial Center in Taiwan, and 600 have kicked off an occupation of Confederation Park in Ottawa, Canada.

100,000 in Santiago, 20,000 in Lisbon, 10,000 in Berlin, to name a few among the rest. Thousands of worldwide citizens have shown their resonance with the voice decrying financial inequality, corporate greed and corruption.

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