Here are 7 ways your business is set to benefit from a visitor management system in 2020 to help you deliver the best visitor experience imaginable. SwipedOn

This digital tool for the workplace is taking the world by storm. And by 2020 it’s going to be vital for your company to be using one of these in place of a paper visitor book if you want to be considered a contemporary office which complies with data privacy regulations.

A visitor management system - also known as a visitor management solution - is the tool which is not only transforming reception desks all over the world but it’s also taking on the tech world. In a recent G2 Crowd report, SwipedOn was named as one of the best software companies in Australasia, alongside high profile names in tech like Xero and Canva.

The visitor management system is a simple yet effective concept; the app is a subscription based plan, hosted on an iPad, and can be connected to a small badge printer should this fit the needs of your business. In this article, we’ll delve into a host of other benefits this solution offers to create seamless connections in the workplace. All are sure to have transformational effects on your office or facility.

Here’s how...

#1 Make the best first impression imaginable

Clean, streamlined, professional; hosted on an iPad, a visitor management system can be customized with your own branding on the home screen to make your business front and foremost. After signing in using the system, an instant notification is sent to the member of staff being visited at which point they can swiftly greet the visitor. A paper visitor book not only communicates that your business and brand is stuck in antiquated processes but that you’re business is not actively compliant to data privacy regulations, without the best interests of guests and employees at heart.

#2 Deliver the best visitor experience in the world

Delivering the best visitor experience imaginable isn’t just about making that first impression. What comes next is just as important. Surprise and delight your clients and guests by not only offering them a quick and easy digital tool to sign in with but also offer them catering now as part of the sign-in process. Offer tea, coffee, soft drinks or food for bonus welcome points! Then prepare their catering (or have the on-site cafe prepare it) while the employee being visited can finish up their tasks and make their way to the reception desk.

#3 Hot Topic: Data privacy

A visitor management solution enables you to be compliant with data privacy rules and regulations around the world. Regardless of your own regional or local data privacy laws, the concept remains the same; visitor data is privately stored in the cloud (with SwipedOn, it’s Amazon Web Services who look after this data). With many of these regulations, your business has the responsibility to anonymize data at regular intervals. This can be easily actioned using a visitor management system. So whether it’s GDPR, FERPA, CCPA or PIPEDA; whatever the data privacy regulations in your country, a visitor management solution can help facilitate compliant processes. A paper visitor book allows clients and visitors, including interviewees, to have a nose through who else has been to your workplace, which could have adverse effects on your business.

#4 Safety & Security

You want to communicate that you have the best interests of your visitors and employees at heart - and a visitor management system does just that. Not only does it facilitate those seamless business connections via instant notifications, but the built-in evacuation management system (available offline for your convenience) allows you to perform roll calls efficiently for both employees and guests. Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) must be digitally signed by all guests entering your premises as part of the sign-in process. This ensures your visitors know that there are procedures and regulations to adhere to when entering your premises.

#5 Manage Parcels Delivered to your office

The technology offered by a visitor management solution is already evolving and fast becoming more than just a sign-in tool for guests. With SwipedOn you’re able to manage parcels delivered to your office. Using world-leading technology, the system is able to read the name on a parcel held up to the camera and continue to send that person an instant notification at the touch of a button. Both the iPad and the web dashboard allow you to easily manage parcel delivery in your office and keep track of what’s been collected and what remains outstanding.

#6 Employee Digital In-Out Board

Again, a visitor management system goes above and beyond the simple sign-in process for visitors and clients. You can also use this tool as a digital in-out board, to have an overview of employee movements in and out of the building, with the option for employees to leave custom out-messages should they be popping out when a visitor is due to see them. This way, the visitor or client can understand whether it’s best to wait or re-schedule the meeting for another time. With employee in-out enabled, the evacuation process is manageable and efficient - exactly what you need in an emergency situation.

#7 Hot Topic: Climate Change

Yes, we’re going there. Climate change is one of the hottest topics on the planet right now (no pun intended). And it’s more important than ever that we reduce material use where we can. Not only will replacing your paper visitor book with a digital solution be sure to reduce material usage and costs in your business, but SwipedOn also plant a tree for every new customer with their partner organisationTrees That Count. Meaning that, when you become a customer, you’re actively helping SwipedOn in their quest to make positive change in the world.

A vital digital tool for 2020

As you can see, this tool is vital for your business in 2020. There’s no better time to replace your paper visitor book, reduce your footprint on the planet, create the most secure and delightful visitor experience imaginable; it’s time to invest in a smart, digital solution for your reception desk.