Office Printing Supplies You Need for Your Small Business
Office Printing Supplies You Need for Your Small Business Photo by Mike Petrucci on

Even the smallest business has its printing needs and demands for supplies, even if its demands are different. But some of these supplies remain pretty standard. Another thing that's standard is office printing supply frustration.

Well, there's certainly no need to recreate a scene from the movie "Office Space." So before you get yourself an office printer/copier that frustrates you to the point of destroying it, read this review! We can recommend the office printing supplies you need to go about regular office life without the dramatics.

Printing Supplies That Your Small Business Needs

There's nothing more frustrating than an office printer that gets jammed all the time. And as a small business, you can't afford to waste space with junk office supplies -- we know this. So we made sure to suggest printing supplies that showcase great functionality, versatility, and cost and user rating. We also looked at the size of these products. Not every office space has the luxury of an entire floor on a high rise. And so we picked items that will fit into your office without taking up too much space.

We are confident in our picks and are happy, from our office to yours, to help you settle on the best cost-effective printing supplies to support your small business. Here are our top picks.

Printers and Copiers

It's printing supplies 101. To print, you need a printer. So why not invest in a powerful printer/copier? Many smaller printers come with a 3-in-1 function nowadays (printer/copier/scanner) so finding a versatile printer isn't difficult. Finding the best one? A bit hard. But we think we found the best for your small business.


HP OfficeJet 250

The HP OfficeJet is a compact all-in-one printer and connects to your devices wirelessly and can scan, print, and copy effortlessly from any device -- even from your phone. This printer can comfortably sit on a desk without taking up too much space and, if you need it to, fits into a backpack should you need to take it somewhere else. Additionally, you get 90 minutes of battery life even if the power goes out or you are far from a power outlet. This printer also has a 2.65" colored touchscreen, which makes the menu easy to navigate. With a 74% 5-star rating and a reasonable price, you can bet on this device to handle your daily workload.

File Organizer


With all the printing and scanning you will be doing, you need your files organized in a neat and easily accessible manner. For this, a simple file organizer will do the trick. As a small business, you may not need a huge, clunky standing file cabinet. We scoured the internet and settled on what we considered the best in terms of functionality, size, cost, and ease of use.

Exerz Desk Organizer

This file organizer is compact and can sit on a desk or shelf top with ease. It is made of durable wire mesh and can hold papers, files, folders, and magazines. This organizer is not only a great space saver, but it also looks really good and makes for great aesthetic charm. It is super affordable and has great reviews from users with 4.6 out of 5 stars.


Though society is trying to move away from consuming so many paper goods, businesses still need to use it for handouts and other printed materials. The charm of running a small business is making unique material decisions that help your image in the public eye. So if your small business is going to consume, why not consume responsibly?

Hammermill Great White 30% Recycled Paper

Made in the USA, manufacturers made this particular Hammermill paper product with 30% recycled materials. The rest comes from sustainably sourced American family tree farms. If you're going to go with paper, then definitely choose this Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified brand. Oh, and it also comes with a 99.99% jam-free guarantee!


A paperweight is more than a pretty desk accent. They hold down documents that you haven't filed yet, keeping your mess at bay -- or rather, in one spot. Of course, you want a paperweight that works as well as one that will lend itself to the aesthetic theme of your office. We settled on the most neutral yet functional one in this category.


Dandelion Paperweight

This conversation starter is shaped like a sphere and features an actual dandelion inside it. It's nice and heavy for your papers and lends a nice aesthetic to your office. Additionally, since it is handmade, each piece is unique.

Paper Shredder

Every now and then, you accidentally print the wrong version of something -- or too many of something. Instead of just throwing these copies away, recycle them! Keep a paper shredder near your printer to make recycling those extra copies a whole lot easier.

AmazonBasics Shredder

An Amazon bestseller with over 70,000 customer reviews, this paper shredder can take up to 8 sheets at a time. It will also shut itself off to keep it from overheating. It can hold up to 4 gallons of shredded paper and will even take your old credit cards.

Technology may be taking away the need to print, but some businesses aren't there yet. We still very much rely on printed material. So while society keeps making advancements, we keep printing. We might as well have the right supplies -- like the ones listed above -- to make the process easier and more sustainable.