OJ Simpson
O.J. Simpson attends an evidentiary hearing in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada May 17, 2013. Ethan Miller/REUTERS

Infamous former N.F.L. running back O.J. Simpson will appear before a Nevada parole board Thursday. The board will determine if Simpson will be granted a release from a set of 2008 convictions stemming from a hotel robbery of sports collectors’ items. The charges included kidnapping and armed robbery.

Simpson, 70, was granted parole for the kidnapping charge in 2013, and if granted parole for the other charges will be free to go in October having served the minimum sentence. Nevada uses an 11-point risk assessment for parole. Given Simpson's age, crimes and good behavior, it is likely that he will be granted parole. The parole board is a seven-person panel but currently has one vacancy.

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Sportsbettingexperts.com put together a list of proposition betting odds ahead of Simpson's official parole hearing, which will be carried live by CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC and ESPN later this week.

For betting, the negative number (or favorite) describes how much one will need to bet in order to net $100. The positive number is how much one will net if betting $100.

Will OJ Simpson be released on parole before 12/31/17?

Yes: -450

No: +300

Will OJ Simpson be released on parole?

Before October 15, 2017: -450

On or after October 15, 2017: +300

The count of the first parole commissioner vote will be?

4-0 in favor of parole: +105

3-1 in favor of parole: +180

2-2 deadlock: +600

3-1 to deny parole: +500

4-0 to deny parole: +900

Will the first parole board vote be a 2-2 deadlock?

Yes: +600

No: -750

Will the second parole board vote be a 3-3 deadlock necessitating a new parole hearing in January 2018?

Yes: +900

No: -1200

If a second vote isn’t necessary this bet will be graded ‘No’. Should the parole hearing vote count not be released publicly the previous three bets will be graded ‘no action’

Will OJ Simpson address the parole board at the hearing (live or via videotape)?

Yes: -180

No: +150

Will Donald Trump reference OJ Simpson and/or his parole hearing in a Tweet before 11:59 PM Eastern on July 23, 2017?

Yes: +180

No: -210

Will any of OJ’s children greet him as he leaves prison?

Yes: -150

No: +130

What will OJ Simpson do as he leaves prison?

Smile and Wave: -150

Smile: +350

Cry: +650

Fall to his knees and kiss the ground: +1250

No Expression/Other: +300

Will OJ Simpson speak to the media at the time of his release?

Yes: +250

No: -300

Will OJ Simpson release a book before 6/1/18?

Yes: -210

No: +180

Where will OJ Simpson live after his release from prison?

Florida: -200

California: +300

Nevada: +900

Buffalo, NY: +1500

Other: +350

Will the family of Nicole Brown and/or Ron Goldman release a statement upon OJ Simpson’s release?

Yes: -250

No: +210

First live TV interview with OJ Simpson?

Oprah Winfrey: +450

Stephen A. Smith: +550

Charlie Rose: +750

Robin Roberts: +750

Matt Lauer: +750

Adam Schefter: +1250

Jimmy Kimmel: +1250

Al Michaels and/or Cris Collinsworth: +1250

Ellen DeGeneres: +1500

Jimmy Fallon: +2500

Howard Stern: +3500

Bill Maher: +3500

Charles Barkley: +3500

John Oliver: +4500

Jemele Hill: +5000

Jon Stewart: +5000

Mike Francesa: +6000

Bill Simmons: +7500

Martha Stewart: +9000

Nancy Grace: +10000

Don Cherry: +15000

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir: +25000

None of the above: +1500

OJ Simpson’s first stop upon release from prison?

Home/Hotel: +150

Airport: +300

In-n-Out Burger: +750

Red Lobster: +750

Any other restaurant: +450

7-11: +1000

Golf Course: +1500

Strip Club: +2500

Casino: +2500

Brothel: +5000

Will OJ Simpson go back to prison for another crime before 1/31/18?

Yes: +500

No: -750

Will any of the living members of OJ Simpson’s legal ‘dream team’ from his murder trial make a statement upon his release? (Alan Dershowitz, Robert Shapiro, Barry Scheck, F. Lee Bailey)

Yes: +450

No: -600

Will any member(s) of the Kardashian family make a statement upon OJ’s release?

Yes: +600

No: -750

Will “Kato” Kaelin make a statement upon OJ’s release?

Yes: +300

No: -450

Will the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Roger Goodell and/or the NFL make a statement upon OJ’s release?

Yes: +750

No: -900

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Simpson had a Hall of Fame N.F.L. career but was charged and tried for the 1994 murders of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He was found not guilty in one of the most publicized trials of all time.