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Harry Styles of One Direction inspired a slew of #ScaryStoriesin5Words tweets this Halloween. Reuters

One Direction fans are on the warpath against 1D fan fiction author Anna Todd. Two months after the popular online author confirmed her three-volume series “After” would be published in print by Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books, fans of the boy band are coming out in droves on social media, requesting that the first installment in her series be deferred, using the hashtag #SuspendAnnaTodd.

Fans are convinced that Todd, 25, a self-professed Directioner, was never a true fan of the British pop band, only using their likeness in order to cash in her $600,000 publishing, audio and world rights deal.

“Do you realize that Anna is not a fan and she has never been one?” posted a One Direction-centric Twitter account on Friday. “She doesn’t go to the concerts, she doesn’t vote for the boys and she probably hasn’t even bought their albums.”

Fans reportedly feel that Todd’s romance novel, which features a college student named Tessa and her tumultuous relationship with a womanizing, Harry Styles-inspired singer, will damage the band’s reputation.

“Imagine how much it will ruin not only Harry’s, but One Direction’s image? Personally, I don’t want One Direction to be known as 5 abusive womanizes and you I’m sure you don’t too,” reads the fan rant, which goes on to request that Todd’s work, which they feel defames the 20-year-old One Direction singer, remain just in its online form. “After should be kept as fan fiction and not more than that," said the fan page.

Unfortunately for Directioners looking to discredit Todd, the author, whose series has garnered more than 900 million online reads on Wattpad since its debut in January 2013, seems unfazed by the backlash. “You are all amazing!” Todd posted to Twitter Friday. “Love is much louder than hate.”

Todd confirmed last week that “After” will debut in stores Oct. 21. The first installment will be followed by the release of "After We Collided" and "After We Fall." The three-book series is available for pre-order, USA Today reports.

Last month Todd revealed the official cover art for "After" on her official Facebook page. “I hope you guys love the cover as much as I do!!" she said.