A coalition of groups on Monday has called for a march of 1 million protesters in Cairo on Tuesday.

It is unclear what the groups' agenda will be, although many of the protesters in the streets over the last several days have been calling for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

Protesters have broken government imposed curfews over the past several days. Reports say the restrictions were also ignored on Monday.

The 30 groups include students, online activists, grassroots organizers, and older opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood, have agreed to work together as a coalition said Abu'l-Ela Madi, a spokesperson for al-Wasat, a moderate offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Associated Press.

Under current law, political parties based on religion are not allowed.

They met on Monday in the Cairo district of Dokki and agreed to work as a coalition, the spokesman said.

The groups will meet again on Tuesday morning at the downtown headquarters of Wafd, one of the oldest political opposition groups in the country, the report stated.

The group would march from there to Tahrir Square, a major public square in Cairo. In English, Tahrir means Liberation.

At that time, the groups will finalize a list of their demands, including deciding on whether Mohamed ElBaredei, the former head of the United Nation's nuclear inspection agency, will become a spokesman for the coalition, according to the report.

ON Sunday, ElBaredei said he had been authorized - mandated - by the people who organized these demonstrations and many other parties to agree on a national unity government, he told CNN.

I hope that I should be in touch soon with the army and we need to work together, The army is part of Egypt, he said.