• Jake Paul steals show by stealing Floyd Mayweather's cap during press conference
  • Mayweather is livid and wants a piece of Jake Paul
  • The incident may have repercussions

Floyd Mayweather appears all set for his showdown with Logan Paul on June 6.

However, it was Logan's younger brother Jake, who took the spotlight during a recent promotional news conference held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

As expected, Jake was part of the taunting and trash-talking for the upcoming exhibition bout.

But it seems the 24-year-old had a different thing in mind, something he gloated about on social media.

The move unsurprisingly did not sit well with Mayweather and a melee erupted in front of dozens of cameras and people with smartphones present during the press conference.

For his troubles, Jake got punched in the eye.

As expected, Mayweather did not appreciate the whole incident and could be heard saying expletives in a video.

From here, it will be interesting how things will go down. Mayweather is the odds-on-favorite to prevail over Logan, which is a no-brainer to most.

The undefeated American boxer remains a big draw on the boxing scene even though some frown at the way he fights.

This will be his in-ring action since 2018 where he faced Tenshin Nasukawa of Japan.

Logan has only had one fight in his young professional career, a loss to fellow YouTuber KSI.

He has been training but not all are giving him much of a chance against “Money.”

As for his brother Jake, he is coming off a big win over retired mixed martial arts fighter Ben Askren.

Before that, Jake made quite an impression when he knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson in another exhibition fight last year.

It remains to be seen if the whole thing was scripted although a livid Mayweather hardly backs up that claim.

But whatever happens on June 6 between Mayweather and  Paul, it would not be surprising if Jake suddenly steps up and challenges the future boxing Hall of Famer.

There is a chance that this altercation could be hype for the eventual next Mayweather assignment.

Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul Floyd Mayweather reacts after Jake Paul took his hat during a media availability for Mayweather's fight against Logan Paul, brother of Jake Paul, at Hard Rock Stadium on May 06, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Photo: Getty Images | Cliff Hawkins