Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will reportedly fight each other if Mayweather agrees. Reuters

A fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. could be on for May 2, promoter Bob Arum told Yahoo Sports. Since Pacquiao and Mayweather have not responded to the news, it’s just a rumor for now, but if Mayweather agrees to the terms, the two could battle each other once more.

Arum allegedly would not give specifics to the news site, but reiterated Pacquiao agreed to the terms. "I want to get some movement here, with bringing Mayweather to the table so we can go out and get everything signed and get the networks together and get the thing finished," he told Yahoo Sports.

If a fight does happen, it will reportedly take place at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday, adding that “progress” was being made for the two to spar, but that no official deal had been reached.

There are millions to be made if the rumor becomes a reality, with Mayweather standing to make up to $120 million, according to Yahoo Sports.

It would be the first public fight for Mayweather since the death of Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley. The fighter’s name was involved in the murder-suicide after it was revealed that Mayweather was allegedly on the phone with Hayes right before the rapper committed suicide. Mayweather reportedly told the Los Angeles Police Department that he urged Hayes not to kill himself after he fatally shot Moseley, his wife.

Although Mayweather has been active on social media, he has not addressed the Dec. 8 murder-suicide. Instead, it was Mayweather’s friend, 50 Cent, who shared a message about Hayes. The rapper posted a photo of himself with the fighter and then wrote a tribute to Hayes on Instagram, which was liked by more than 111,000 people.

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