One of boxing's all-time greats Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. and Manny Pacquiao's past opponent Shane Mosley explains why the Filipino legend will win against Keith Thurman.

The biggest names in boxing, including Chavez and Mosley, flew to Las Vegas to witness the highly anticipated fight of the summer: Pacquiao vs. Thurman. Before the match, Chavez was caught by the media as he arrived at Las Vegas looking sharp and classy. Fight Hub TV got the chance to briefly speak with the icon and asked about his thoughts on the upcoming Pacquiao-Thurman showdown.

The Mexican legend predicted Pacquiao to be the winner via decision and later explained that experience and style are what will lead the older fighter to victory. "Difficult fight for Pacquiao but he can win because of the style," Chavez said.

Aside from Chavez, Pacquiao's former rival, Mosley, also shared a detailed prediction. According to Mosley, Pacquiao will be throwing more combinations than Thurman and it will come in "bunches." A scenario in which the younger champ will have to deal with for the rest of the fight.

"I'm excited, I think that Pacquiao is gonna be victorious because he throws more combinations," Mosley said.

However, Mosley also believes that if Thurman will be "lucky" early in the fight and will be able to land a solid "one time" punch, it will do a lot of damage doe Pacquiao.

Before Mosley, two of Pacquiao's most famous rivals had also picked him as the winner of the fight. Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera both predicted that their former nemesis will win but had different thoughts on how the fight will go.

Morales said that it will be a complicated fight but Pacquiao will be able to win via decision or score a knockout during the later rounds.

Barrera had a different take as he believes that Pacquiao will win by decision but he doesn't discount what Thurman can do. But regardless of how the younger fighter performs, it will be a Pacquiao win via decision.

Thurman's former opponent Danny Garcia also picked Pacquiao to win and even said that his "heart is telling him Pacquiao will win via decision." Even though Garcia predict that Pacquiao will win, he thinks that it will be a 50-50 fight because the styles of both fighters are perfect for each other, a factor which according to him, makes the fight exciting.