Manny Pacquiao's trusted trainer Freddie Roach strongly believes the Filipino legend is “hungry for a knockout”.

Eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao has faced an array of talented boxers throughout his long career. Despite hitting the 40 mark, Pacman indeed can still stand toe-to-toe with young fighters but it has been a while since the boxing world has witnessed a knockout win from the legend.

The fact that Manny hasn't knocked somebody out inside the ring for quite some time got his long-time coach and trainer Freddie Roach thinking that the 40-year-old champion will go for a KO win in his upcoming fight against WBA welterweight champ Keith Thurman, SB Nation reported.

“I think we’ll knock him out along the way. I think that Manny’s really hungry for a knockout, I’m really hungry for a knockout. We’ve never knocked anyone out at 147, and that’s something we need to do,” Roach pointed.

Roach also blasts Thurman's performance in his last three fights. The 59-year-old trainer thinks the young champ just got lucky to get the nod from the judges.

“His last three fights, you can see he’s faded. He’s lucky to win that last one. He had a very, very poor performance. I know he had an injury and he had time off, but he has no excuses for this one,” Roach explained.

While Roach seems like he already had enough of Thurman's trash-talking game, Pacquiao on the other hand remains calm and focused.

In his recent interview, Pacman provided in-depth thoughts towards fighting Thurman.

“I have to work hard making strategy and focus on speed. I feel motivated because of what he said. We’ll see how the fight ends. I think it’s going to be exciting but we’ll see what happens in the ring,” Pacquiao told BoxingScene.

Pacquiao then revealed how he really feels about Thurman's promise that he will retire the legend.

“I’m smiling because he don’t know me and what I’m about. He was just saying, let’s give a good fight. He respects me, he is just displaying what he’s feeling.”

When asked who among his past opponents is similar to Thurman, Pacquiao revealed that the 30-year-old champ reminds him of another world champion he once defeated years ago.

“Keith Thurman reminds me of the Cotto fight,” Pacquiao revealed.