Marijuana User
The amount of time and effort it takes to flush weed out of your urine depends on several factors, including how much you typically use and how often. Pictured: A man smokes a joint during a march Getty Images/Yasuyoshi Chiba

Although marijuana is now considered legal for both medical and recreational use in many states in the U.S., most companies still include drug testing in their list of pre-employment requirements.

If you need to pass your marijuana test for whatever reason, there are several ways you can make sure it happens, especially if it involves urine testing. We explored some of the tried and tested methods that will help you get negative weed results.

Urine testing for marijuana typically looks for THC content. THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) is a fat-soluble chemical compound that’s found in weed and can be traced through the blood, saliva, fingernails, hair and urine. It is what gives that “high” effect. How long THC stays in the body depends on several factors, including how much cannabis you smoked or consumed, the type of marijuana used, frequency and more.

First time users will have THC in their urine for up to 8 days, while those who use it regularly will have it for up to 48 days. People who smoke it daily will have to wait up to 90 days before it naturally gets out of pee. Fortunately, there ways to help expedite the detoxification process.

1. Diuretics and water

Around 75 percent of marijuana tests are conducted through urine testing. To flush weed out of your system or at least reduce it to acceptable levels, you may try drinking about a gallon of a diuretic drink or electrolyte water 24 hours before the actual test. Cranberry juice is a relatively safe and popular choice, besides water. However, suddenly drinking lots of liquids before testing with dilute your urine and raise questions, because urine should be a strong yellow color for the test to be valid. This is where vitamin supplementation comes in.

2. Herbal supplements

Pectin is a type of fiber that common in many types of marijuana detox programs. Its job is to shift the excretion of THC metabolites to the bowel instead of the urine, so it will help to give you a negative result come testing time. Other herbal supplements for THC flushing include red clover, burdock root and yellow root, which can either speed up your metabolism or function as diuretics. Take supplements sparingly, though, as incorrect preparations (or too much) can cause liver damage.

3. THC detox kits

There are detox kits that are made specifically for flushing weed from your system, though they are not 100% foolproof. Herbal cleanses might work if you’re not a regular user. Experienced marijuana smokers still recommend that abstinence for a good number of days before the testing period is still the safest possible solution.

4. B-vitamins

B-vitamins are what will help give your urine a yellow and almost glowing hue. To be on the safe side, take daily B-vitamins at least three days before the test and then up to 5 hours before the actual testing. When you have been drinking lots of diuretics and water, this will give your diluted urine a yellow shade and help prevent a failed test.

Other weed users also recommend exercising and getting your heart rate up starting from a few days before the testing period to speed up your body’s metabolic process. Some others say drinking plenty of water with lemons and green or red tea also works.