Toronto Pearson International Airport
Air travelers wait in long lines in the terminal at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Photo by John Normile/Getty Images

Delayed or canceled flights are known to be an annoyance to passengers traveling on or around the holidays. But a group of travelers at the Toronto Pearson International Airport awaiting a delayed flight appeared to make the best of their situation Monday as they broke into song and dance in a series of videos that have since gone viral.

A room full of WestJet passengers awaiting boarding for a flight from Toronto to St. John’s were filmed by fellow passenger Michelle Sacrey Philpott singing folk songs such as “Sweet Forget Me Not,” “Grey Foggy Day,” and “Aunt Martha’s Sheep,” among others. Some passengers were seen dancing as well.

The videos, which were posted on Philpott’s Facebook page, have since been viewed tens of thousands of times.

“Everyone was talking about the videos when we got off the flight because so many people seen it, it was quite funny,” Philpott told CBC of the videos.

Philpott, who was on her way to Newfoundland by way of the Canadian budget carrier, told NTV that she’s been contacted by people thanking her for sharing the videos.

“People have been emailing me saying, ‘I’m homesick, I’m away, and this just reminds me of Newfoundland,’” Philpott said.

Sheldon Thornhill and Sean Sullivan were two of the musicians filmed respectively playing the accordion and a guitar. According to Sullivan, his playing music for passersby is a semi-regular occurrence.

“My buddy with the [accordion], Sheldon ... I’m a bit shyer than he is,” Sullivan told CBC. “Anytime we’re gathered around airports like that, he’s often taking out his accordian just out of the blue and start playing for people.”

But Thornhill described the event as a “spontaneous decision” in an interview with CTV.

“We put smiles on their faces,” Thornhill said. “That’s what we’re all about. That’s what turns us on.”

Toronto Pearson International Airport commented on the viral videos Tuesday morning, writing, “This is what happens when a delayed flight turns into a Newfoundland kitchen party!”