A Pennsylvania woman accused of a gruesome series of newborn infant murders, at least some of them her own children, has been declared fit to stand trial.

Michele Kalina is accused of stashing the remains of four babies in her closet until they were discovered by her teenage daughter, with a fifth set of remains found at a nearby landfill. DNA tests show that she conceived at least some of the babies with a coworker, who allegedly was not aware the Kalina ever became pregnant.

In June, defense attorney Holly Feeney sought to have Kalina delcared not competent to stand trial. A court-ordered psychiatrist determined otherwise, a finding Feeney agreed with.

[Kalina's] much improved from what we saw at the end of May, said Feeney. As a layperson, I could tell she was competent.

kalina is expected to plead guilty when she next appears in court.