People's Daily Tower
The People's Daily headquarters is receiving ridicule all over China. Weibo

China’s People’s Daily newspaper headquarters in Beijing received widespread mockery throughout China for its phallic shape. For a brief time, photos of the tower were available in China for all to ridicule and laugh about. Members of Weibo, China's version of Twitter, took it a step further by Photoshopping the tower onto the China Central Television headquarters, nicknamed the Big Underpants for its resemblance to the bottom half of a human body with pants on. Soon after, search results for keywords such as “People’s Daily” and “building” were blocked by China’s censors on Weibo.

People's Daily Photoshopped
Users of Weibou Photoshopped the controversial tower with the Central China Television headquarters building, nicknamed the Big Underpants. Weibo

Reuters reporter Anita Yi notes, “This points to both the frustration among young Chinese Internet users and the sensitivity among censors to even silly dissent online.”

Reuters reporter Anita Yi comments about the controversy below: