Red Bull Half Court
Red Bull Half Court will be gracing the shores of the Philippines from May 20 to June 3. Red Bull/Press Release


  • The Philippines' love for basketball remains undefeated
  • Red Bull Half Court will visit the Philippines beginning May 20
  • Winners of the National Finals will represent the country in the World Finals in September

No other sport comes close to the popularity that basketball has nurtured through the years in the Philippines and for many Filipinos, their love for the sport began in the streets.

Littered throughout the island nation are basketball courts made out of makeshift materials such as thick pieces of plywood and homemade rims with a stanchion that might have wheels in order to easily move it from the street to the sidewalk in case a vehicle needs to pass through.

Globally recognized energy drink producer Red Bull recognizes the country's never-ending thirst for on-court action and is providing the nation's best male and female streetballers an opportunity to shine with Red Bull Half Court.

Slated to begin on May 20 and 27, the first leg of Red Bull Half Court will kick off with individual qualifiers happening in the "Queen City of the South" Cebu in the Visayan Islands and the nation's capital of Manila on the respective dates.

According to the official press release sent to the International Business Times, the games will be played under FIBA rules with the first round happening in a pool-play style while the following rounds will be a high-stakes knockout format.

During pool play, all games are 10 minutes long with a running clock that only stops in the final minute of the game plus some changes have also been implemented to differentiate themselves from FIBA's 3x3 rules.

"Team fouls 7, 8 and 9 shall be penalized with 1+1 free throws. If the first one is successful, a second one will be granted. Team foul 10 and any subsequent team fouls shall be penalized with 2 free throws and ball possession stated in 3x3 FIBA rules," as per the official rules.

Red Bull Half Court
Women streetballers will also have an opportunity to shine at Red Bull Half Court. Red Bull/Press Release

Red Bull Half Court's unique "Own the Court" stipulation will also be in effect wherein the bonus will be awarded to whichever team scores the most cumulative points throughout the event which, in effect, gives them a better shot at locking up a spot in the Top 4 and Top 2 for the Men's and Women's events respectively.

Locally renowned coach and former pro basketball player Eric Altamirano will serve as the tournament commissioner.

"We are thrilled to work with Red Bull in bringing Red Bull Half Court to the Philippines. Basketball is an important part of the Filipino culture, and we believe that this tournament will provide a platform for young and aspiring ballers to showcase their skills and passion for 3X3 street basketball and ultimately earn the chance to represent our country on the global stage," Altamirano stated.

The National Finals will be played on June 3 at the Fort Bonifacio Tenement basketball court in Taguig City which has been visited by NBA stars Paul George, LeBron James and Jordan Clarkson in the mid-2010s.

The Tenement court has gained fame all over the world for its temporary murals, which have featured James rising up for a slam dunk in 2015, a Kobe and Gianna Bryan tribute in 2020 and honoring their medalists at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

An all-expense paid trip to Serbia awaits the winners of the National Finals in order to represent their country in the World Finals which will be held on September 16 and 17.

Red Bull Half Court
An overhead view of Red Bull Half Court 3-on-3 matchups being played. Red Bull/Press Release