There is a particular mood you might find yourself in one evening. You will be tired from a long day at work and starving, but unwilling to put too much thought into your dinner. Pizza sounds good, but not expensive, fancy pizza. Pizza Hut delivery will be your savior, but if you are committing to eating unhealthily, you might as well go all the way. Thanks to a new Pizza Hut initiative being tested in Phoenix soon, you can kill two birds with one stone.

CNN reports Pizza Hut will begin testing beer and wine deliveries alongside pizza orders in “certain cities,” with Phoenix being the initial guinea pig. When you order a greasy Pizza Hut pie, you will be able to order six packs of Anheuser-Busch beers for $10.99 apiece. That encompasses beers like Budweiser and Shock Top, with this test also including Arizona craft beer Kilt Lifter. For reference, $11 is roughly as much as a cheap six pack costs in New York City.

Phoenix residents will also be able to get wine included in their Pizza Hut order in January, but the details are more murky on that front. CNN was not able to get confirmation on which wines will be available and whether they will be sold in full bottles or smaller servings. If you feel like drinking with your pizza but want to be a little more fancy, this option will be available. Pizza Hut did not specify which other cities would get this service, or when.

As CNN points out, Pizza Hut would be the first pizza chain of that caliber to offer booze as a delivery option, as Papa John’s and Domino’s only offer family-friendly beverages on their delivery menus. Of course, individual stores will need to acquire liquor licenses, but a Pizza Hut representative told CNN plenty of locations already have one, so that should not be too big a hurdle in the process.

Delivery drivers will also need to be 21 or older, which may give an edge to older job applicants if this plan evolves to other cities or even becomes standard practice at Pizza Hut. Lastly, you will need to show ID upon delivery, so rowdy teens cannot order a bunch of beer and expect to get it with no trouble. Drivers will card you at your door.

This is part of a larger trend of huge restaurant chains attempting to drive up profits by appealing to adult vices. Taco Bell (which operates under the same parent company as Pizza Hut) has plans to open a bunch of “Cantina” locations over the next few years that serve alcohol, with the idea being that plenty of customers are already drunk when they get to Taco Bell, so the restaurant should give them more of what they want. Jack in the Box also made waves a few years ago with the late-night-only “Munchies Menu,” a wink-and-nod acknowledgement that people will eat too much fast food after smoking too much weed.