Bradley Patterson, a football player for the University of North Alabama, was kicked off the team after he tweeted a racial slur about President Barack Obama.

According to CBS Sports, Patterson shared a racist comment on his Twitter account during President Obama's speech during a vigil in Newtown, Conn. after the mass shooting that left 27 dead on Friday. Patterson, along with others highlighted by Deadspin, was upset the President interrupted NBC's Sunday Night Football to deliver his message to victims of Sandy Hook Elementary and those mourning around the country.

"Take that n----- off the tv, we wanna watch football!" Patterson tweeted.

CBS reported Patterson quickly removed the tweet, deleted his Twitter account and alleged that he was "hacked."

However, his plea did not hold up for officials at the University of North Alabama, who kicked Patterson off the team. On Monday, the University's athletic program tweeted that it "does not condone" behavior like Patterson's.

"Thx 2 everyone who brought the inappropriate tweet to our attention. UNAAthletics does not condone. He is no longer a member of the team," the message read.

According to the Times Daily, UNA Sports Information Director Jeff Hodges said Patterson was contacted on Sunday and asked to leave the team. Hodges said the tweet directly violated the school's social media policy in the student athlete handbook, which reads: “the freedom to post on-line creates the responsibility to consider the interests of those you represent! As a student-athlete, your on-line actions, words and images will be judged with the same scrutiny as if they are being presented in person to your peers, coaches and the University.”

Hodges said Patterson was an "uninvited walk-on," who joined the team four games into the season, was not on scholarship and was never listed as an active member of the team. Patterson was reportedly a third-string snapper who never got any field time.

But Bradley Patterson wasn't the only person on Twitter throwing out racist remarks when the President interrupted Sunday football. Deadspin rounded up the many racist tweets from Twitter users when NBC pre-empted the airing of the 49ers-Patriots game for the President's address. The tweets rolled in as President Obama gave a heart wrenching speech about the shooting by Adam Lanza on Friday that took the lives of 20 children, six adults and Lanza's mother, Linda, along with himself.