Syrian children living in the refugee camp of Delhemiyeh village celebrate Eid al-Fitr, near Zahleh town in the Bekaa valley in eastern Lebanon July 6, 2016. Reuters

Wanna catch them all? What if "all" of them meant the millions of Syrian refugees who have been pushed out of Syria amid a five-year deadly civil war?

With Pokémon Go becoming a global craze, Syrian refugee children are using pictures of Pokémon to ask for help in a new social justice campaign from the Revolutionary Forces of Syria, a coalition made up of some of the opposition groups fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The images have been widely shared this week on social media, the Telegraph reported.

They feature messages such as: "I live in Kafr Nabl, the Aleppo countryside. Come catch me." And, "I am a Pokémon at Idlib in Syria, would you please come and save me?"

More than 2.3 million children have been affected by the Syrian civil war that started in 2011 and has been called the worst humanitarian disaster in modern times by aid groups. Roughly 12,000 children have been killed in the war.

The Pokémon social justice campaign started Wednesday as airstrikes in the city of Idlib killed more than 50 people. The photos originally appeared on the Revolutionary Forces of Syria's Facebook page.

"With the media spread wide for Pokemon game we decided to publish these images to highlight the suffering of the Syrian people from the bombing of the forces of order and Air-Assad to the Syrian people and besiege them," a spokesperon for the group told The Independent.

Pokémon GO, a free mobile augmented reality game based on geo-caching where players use their smart phones to look for Pokémon, has sent shares of Nintendo Co. soaring as users around the world have become hooked on collecting Japanese cartoon character monsters.

Outside of Syria, people living in other conflict zones have also sought to use the popularity of the game to highlight the danger of war. In Israel, some have tweeted images showing dead Pokémon characters amid the rubble in the Gaza Strip.