• The new "Pokemon Snap" is set to arrive on April 30
  • The game launches on Nintendo Switch
  • There are several major changes dev introduced in the new "Pokemon Snap"

The new "Pokemon Snap" is scheduled to arrive on the Nintendo Switch in April with the same classic gameplay, on a new island with several major changes from the original game.

While a lot of details about "Pokemon Snap" are out in the open, there are still some things that fans do not know about the game. Haruki Suzaki, game director at Bandai Namco Studios, shared some of these details in an email sent to the Washington Post. A new team is responsible for the incoming title, although the developers of the original game were consulted for this particular project, Suzaki said.

The new "Pokemon Snap" releases on Nintendo's hybrid console. With the console's upgraded graphics, the game is expected to show more details of the game environments and expressions of the pocket monsters. Besides the point system featured in the classic game, the upcoming title introduces a star system.

New Pokémon Snap arrives on April 30
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This new system rates captured photos based on rarity. Suzaki said that "Pokemon Snap" is designed to help players get to know and learn more about a Pokemon. This is possible by taking "various scenes of it, from ordinary to special moments." The game director further explains this by saying that “For a certain Pokémon, for example, walking is 1 Star​, eating is stars​, playing is 3 stars​ and dancing with friends is 4 stars​."

Apart from those, the new "Pokemon Snap" has a nighttime phase feature. Pokemon can also appear at night and players can utilize new items like Illumina Orbs to capture different expressions of the adorable pocket monsters. Additionally, the new game takes advantage of the gyroscope of the Nintendo Switch.

Players will be able to detect when the controller is being moved and giving players the sense that they are controlling a real camera, the game director revealed. Moreover, while the developers include the Pester Ball in the upcoming game, they integrate it with the Fluffruit. Players can either throw the Fluffruit or just put it near the Pokemon.

The new "Pokemon Snap" is set in the new Lental Region with islands that feature different environments. Different kinds of Pokemon will be available in the upcoming game. This includes new ones like Sobble and Scorbunny, which were not in the classic title.