China milk crisis; two people condemned to death

A Chinese court sentenced two men to death and a dairy boss to life in prison Thursday for their roles in producing and selling infant formula tainted with melamine, a deadly industrial chemical added to watered-down milk in order to fool inspectors and increase profits.

Guantanamo and CIA prisons to be closed

On Thursday President Barak Obama signed three historical orders. 1- Closure of Guantanamo Bay prison 2- The closure of all CIA prisons 3- Banning use of torture

Egypt-Gaza tunnel collapses; 3 injured

On Thursday, an Egyptian security official said three Palestinians were injured when a tunnel used by smugglers collapsed on the border between Egypt and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Economic slowdown worsens for China

The unstable international financial crisis has also made a dent in China. In 2008, China experienced a growth rate of 9 percent; its lowest growth rate since 2001.

President Obama to order closure of Guantanamo

According to a report, two government officials the, President is expected to give orders soon regarding the closure of Guantanamo. They also say the President will begin overhauling U.S. national security policy on Thursday.

Actor shot by loaded gun during rehearsal

81-year-old Kelly Kellerman, playing the role of Lenny in the Sarasota Senior Theater's production of Of Mice and Men, was shot in head by loaded gun during rehearsal on Sunday.

Kathleen Hilton murder trial begins

Kathleen Hilton who has been charged for murder and arson of killing a family of five on the top floor trial has begun Friday in Lawrence Superior Court.

Russian gas returns to Europe

On Tuesday Russian gas supply pumped to Europe through Ukraine resumed following a two week long price battle with Ukraine.

Rwandan troops hunt Hutu rebels in Congo

On Tuesday Rwandan troops crossed into eastern Congo in a joint military operation by the Great Lakes neighbors to disarm Rwandan Hutu rebels seen as a root cause of more than a decade of conflict.

U.S. presidential salary

President Barack Obama, like Bush, will be paid $400,000 in monthly installments, and an expense allowance of $50,000 to help defray official expenses.

President Barack Obama Inaugural Poem

The following is the full transcript of President Barack Obama inaugural poem recited by Elizabeth Alexander, as provided by CQ transcriptions on January 20, 2009.

Worldwide inauguration celebrations

The world weary because of factors like war, recession, unemployment and fear shed its collective burden on Tuesday, with worldwide soars to celebrate the arrival of the new American president.